Sync error



Every time i try to sync a video I get this error "plex expected X-Plex-Sync-Version: 2" yet when I sync a music file it works fine. Tried to sync to my windows 10 laptop and my Android tablet but nothing is working. Worked fine yesterday!?!


I too am having the same error on my windows 10 laptop. I've tried cleaning my cache, but to no avail.


It's now working on my android tablet, again no settings have been changed on either devices.


I’m getting the same error on my Windows 10 Surface Pro. I am able though to sync the same video to my Android phone!


See this post for a fix to the issue. It worked for me, but unfortunately wiped out all my synced media!


Update on this: after deleting my Windows 10 devices and reauthorising them as per the post above, I was successfully able to sync again. However, after adding a number of items which previously I got the error for, I am now getting it again for any subsequent items. This must be related to the latest PMS update.


Sync is broken. Actually it never really worked for me in the first place.


Sync has worked for me for the last 2yrs until the other day :(


Just removed devices which also deleted everything I had synced, still unable to sync anything.


Any update on a permanent fix for this?