Sync missing on playlists on web client



I am missing the option to sync a play list from the web interface. I believe it disappeared with a recent update but cannot confirm the exact timing. It is gone on both existing and new lists. Checked with a friend and he still has it but mine is just gone. Any assistance would be helpful. I can sync fine from the Android app.


Anyone have an idea? Not sure where to even start on this one.



I just Updated to PMS v ** **with plex web v3.20.4 and i’m having the SAME Exact issue now!!! there is no Sync Option on PLEX WEB playlists anymore. please any help would be much appreciated!!!


Just ran latest Update to plex web 3.20.5 and this did Not correct the missing Sync option either. please assist


I cant believe we are the only ones noticing this or have this issue. Anyone else?


Same issue here. Started at least w/ version I just upgraded to hoping that would resolve the issue. No luck. It's awesome since I just wiped a device for an international trip and now I can't sync playlists. Dove clap...


I can still sync a playlist from the Android app so I suspect you can as well. Its just missing from the Web interface

I still cant believe more people have not noticed this.


anyone figure this out yet?


Bumping the post


I have had another issue with Plex Web playlists related to importing Itunes playlists. See thread below

What I have learned so far is that it appears to be a bug that I assume will be fixed at some point and perhaps this have something to do with that too; however, using the Plex Chrome App works for importing Itunes playlists as well as this issue with playlist syncing.

This is a workaround that works for now until an update is released for the Plex Web client that addressed both the syncing and importing issues with playlists.


Have been 1.5 month since the first post. Tagging a plex employee @ericmatthys


Please.... a little feedback on this issue would really be appreciated


Trying another employee @chrishoage


Based on information gathered this functionality was available and since the latest major rev of the web it is no longer available but internal resources are aware and are working to restore this functionality but currently there is no exact timeline.

See this post for same issue reported and a post from a Plex employee.

You should still be able to sync playlists from the client side as indicated above.


New Plex web Version has been released with many fixes including returning the sync option for playlist. THANK YOU PLEX!!!


I am having this problem also, except I do not even have the option on the client-side. Not in android, not on the web client, it is nowhere. I am on version What did I break?

edit: I managed to get it working using the android client. My confusion came from looking for "Sync..." as a context dialog option. There is an icon to sync playlists when you view the playlist (next to shuffle, etc.) this seems to be working, but I have to admit I vastly prefer syncing things from the server.