Sync Stops on Screen Lock



I'm using the Plex app on an iPad Pro with iOS 10.3. Things work well EXCEPT the sync content process stops when the iPad screen automatically locks. You need to either disable the Screen Lock altogether in IOS settings OR keep touching the screen to keep the device from locking. Is this intended behavior? Given that content syncs take some time, it would be nice if you could set it going and not have to worry it.

Seems like there should be some way to keep the device from locking until the sync process is complete. They clearly know how to do this -- they keep it from locking when you are watching content.


I have this same problem


Same problem - also have to only sync 1 item at a time else the iOS app drops it’s connection with the PMS


Part of the reason I paid for a Plex Membership is this feature, and it’s not functional at all. All uploads stop with the lock screen and background refresh is on for Plex in the iOS settings.


For clarification - Issue is on iPad (Mini 3) only (iPhone is fine with the same PMS / iOS app version)


I had same problem on Samsung Tablets. One tablet syncs OK, but the other one kept stopping. You could force it to sync one item at a time, so sounds similar to Apple problem.
I finally and reluctantly decided to use the solution provided from another forum user and now it syncs fine.
This was the Android fix:

  1. Delete the cache and all data associated with the Plex app on the tablet.
  2. Force the app to stop.
  3. Uninstall the Plex app.
  4. Shut down the tablet completely (not just turn off the screen, but an actual shut down).
  5. Reinstall the app.

Change the sync destination back to the micro-SD card before starting a sync.


I too was having this problem (iPad, latest iOS and Plex versions at time of posting).

…Anytime the screen went off or I switched apps, the sync would hang.

A strange “fix” has worked for me…

Plex > Settings > Account > slide “Automatically sign in” on

By some miracle, sync now continues flawlessly under circumstances it previously did not