Synced items all disappear from play list. Still show in sync status as complete.



Two days ago my android nexus 6p local library became empty. I had a lot of items synced from two different plex servers. They still show up on the plex sync status list as complete. Clicking a synced item has no action. The libraries have all disappeared. The space used has moved from 34 Gb to 0. I tried syncing additional content. It now shows up in the space used category, but the files still do not show in the library.

I have the log files, but I cannot attach them to the post. When I click any of the toolbar formatting buttons nothing happens (Chrome or Edge, Win10 x64).


Try restarting Plex. I had all my sync'd library stuff disappear a few days ago, the playlist in progress continued for a bit, but eventually died. Restarting Plex on the phone brought everything back.


Thanks for the comment.

Unfortunately, it's persisted through several program restarts, several phone reboots and a recent phone upgrade to Android 7.1.1.


I have a similar problem, quite often all my sync'd items on my Android phone disappears.

This morning I started a sync of additional Music to my phone, but as I had to leave for office the sync did not finish. During commute I listen to synced music and when I arrive to office I got wifi again and the sync finished.

Now all my sync'd libraries and items have disappeared, I try search but nothing shows up.
(I have no problem connecting to the server and view and play items from there)

After I "swiped to kill" the Plex on my phone and start Plex again and I can see my sync'd items again.

Then my phone goes to sleep, after I while I wake it up again.
Pull up the Plex app, takes some time to load.....
Then "Recently added items" shows up on Plex/Home screen, with some of my recently synced albums.
Opening the "hamburger menu", none of my libraries are there.
I try to access an album from the "Recently added items" tiles, the album pages show up but cannot do anything.
Navigates back to the Plex/Home screen, which now is empty, and no sync'd libraries in the menu.

I am using the latest Plex App for Android. My device is a Xiaomi MI5 Pro with MIUI8 (based on Android 6.0.1).


Never got much help around these parts. Glad to hear in a way I'm not the only one. My issue is with movies more than music.

I ended up uninstalling the app and then rebuilding all my sync items. Have had to do this twice now.