Syncing is not supported on this server



Hi, I have Plex Pass and hosting content on Dropbox using Plex Cloud. If I try to sync content to my iPhone 7 for offline viewing I get an error 'syncing is not supported on this server'. How can I fix that?


Mobile Sync is not currently available with Plex Cloud, so any syncing you need to do will have to be from your local server.


Thanks for the answer, as a user who consumes video on my mobile device when travelling this really means that I can't use Plex Cloud then


Can anyone tell us why Mobile Sync isn't available on Plex Cloud and if/when it will be? I don't understand why it wouldn't be an option from the initial release. It seems like such a minor thing.

Though I understand Dan's frustration Plex Cloud is still a very new addition. Brand new, actually. It can't be everything to everybody right out of the gate.

Personally, I think Plex is the most intuitive and easy media access platform I've ever found and Plex Cloud has upped that game considerably. I too would like to see the Mobile Sync feature enabled for the Cloud servers...but I am willing to patiently wait as the programming guys are working hard to make sure this valuable new feature is online, stable, and working up to expectation.

Thanks Plex! You guys rock!!!


Totally agreed!!!
Mobile syncing is a must for the huge number of commuters and Plex lovers :smiley:


I'm watching for this feature too! :smile:


Is there a roadmap we can look at? I would like to know if this is something that is under consideration.



Count me in, I was very surprised that this feature is not available already.


Totally agree with everyone! This is really upsetting. Why would you enforce this restriction? A significant amount of time we would want to watch videos on mobile devices and 3G/LTE not very stable for video streaming or sometimes quite expensive. We need this option to sync selected content via wifi at home for offline viewing.


We need mobile sync


Would really like to see mobile syncing available for plex cloud


Totally agree that mobile sync is essential!


My membership is pretty much useless without mobile sync. /=


Any update on mobile sync for Plex Cloud?


Is this on the way?


Yay for once again finding the answer to my query on the Forums, and for (as usual) Plex having not responded in months.


This is very annoying.


Really disappointed. The only reason I bought my Plex Pass for was to be able to use Plex Cloud, because my previous experience with having a local server was rather tiresome. It’s pretty much useless if I cant sync it on my mobile, though. And to see people have been commenting and complaining about it for almost a whole year with no response whatsoever is even more frustrating.

Really regretting the decision to purchase a subscription right now.


It’s over a year now since the original post on this thread. It is a major let-down that such a feature is not available!


Happy disappointing anniversary to us all as customers.
Can a PLEX member comment on this please?