Syncing multi-episode files



There are several shows that air two episodes at a time, so the files are eXX-eYY. When these files are synced to a client, Plex separately converts and syncs each episode -- meaning it takes double the necessary time and space to sync, because every file is converted twice, downloaded twice, and presumably stored twice.

While I know the ideal for long-term storage would be to split them in half and make separate episodes, that's more work than I want to put into having Daniel Tiger on my son's travel device. ;-) Any chance Plex could just be a little bit smarter about this?


Remove the second episode id from the file name. That is instead of s01e01e02 make it just s01e01. Plex does not care and will blissfully skip from e01 to e03.

I do not keep any double or triple or more episode fully enumerated but rather I just use the first episode number. If I need or want more episode metadata I simply edit the info in the web app.


never noticed this, but I agree that’s more than a little inconvenient…
just a recommendation: you should add something about the syncing in your post title to get the adequate focus.


It’s both syncing AND playing. It will play both episodes, then play them again.

Removing the second episode ID isn’t really a resolution since that just means that I won’t know what episodes I’m missing.