Terrible bug Plex server now doesn't work without internet in



In Plex Server on Mac Version or, there is a dependency on presence of internet connection, and nothing can be done without internet connection, there is an error message from Plex Server.
It is a terrible bug to require internet. While it's needed for library building information, there is no need for internet if the user watches from within Plex Server, or on a network without internet. This should be an obvious bug, but this was introduced in Plex Player (not server) in the past, and after trying to report it and get it fixed, I gave up on Player totally, and watched from Server directly. Now that has been broken in Server.
Not all uses of Plex are for static use with internet present, and even then, what if internet connection is down for a short period of time, then Plex won't work? That doesn't make sense, there should never be a restriction on the internet presence, and even if there was, there should be a switch to disable this handicapping "feature".

There was no reply to my posting from April 12, 1 month ago about this.

This is such a fundamental, bad experience "feature" to require internet, and not to allow any interaction with Plex server at all when internet is not present, just "internet not available" message, not letting me int the settings or play environment.