The new web player blocks subtitles



It is annoying that when changing the volume and pausing the video the bar at the bottom covers subtitles so it forces me to go back every time. The bar should be shorter, like it was before. Also, switching the fullscreen and close buttons was pretty pointless and is annoying.


ya i keep hitting the wrong one all the time if nothing else it would be better if they were both down on the bottom. switching them just made it a mess


I second this. I thought I would get use to this, but months later, it still annoys the hell out of me. The bottom bar is unnecessarily big and blocks subtitles. Just accidentally moving my mouse activates that bar and blocks the subtitles. Also, in the full screen/tv mode of the windows app, the volume control is nonexistent. The past interface was much better. I don’t know why they thought this is a good design change. If it aint’t broke then don’t try to fix it. These design changes are dumb.