The server "X" does not have a valid connection for casting. Check that the server is claimed



Hello all. I just downloaded Plex, as I'm evaluating the product. It finished scanning my music, and when I try to cast to a Chromecast device, it will display the following error:

"The server "X" does not have a valid connection for casting. Check that the server is claimed in server settings"

Where X is the name of my computer with Plex installed. I'm not sure what does this mean, but I haven't been able to use Plex at all. I've been searching for this issue to no avail.

The PC has Windows 10 with Plex version 3.20.8. Thanks in advance.


I'm having the same issue. No luck at all searching for an answer in the FAQ's.


Signing out and signing back in (under Settings>General>"Server Signed In As"; I hit the button, signing out and signed right back in) fixed it for me. I wonder what that was about...


Same error, no idea how to fix it. I signed in & out, uninstalled & reinstalled, nothing is working. Using the latest version of Plex on a Mac with Chromecast. Any help would be very much appreciated. Thx


Could you show me a screenshot of your settings page?


Hi DomC — this part?


This is the error I’m getting.


Interesting. If it’s not too much to ask, could you please share your server with me? I’m Dom C.

If you can reproduce the issue on a new library with just one item, then that would be best - but no worries if not.


Not sure if I did this right, but I think I just sent you an invite.


You did, thanks. I can cast your content to my Chromecasts :confused: I’m listening to one of your movies right now on my Chromecast Audio :blush:

Where are you browsing your library from? or the PMS IP address? Do you see any errors in the browser console?


That’s so weird. I just got what you said about one item, so I deleted the library, added only one movie — and I still get the same problem.

I’m browsing the library through the IP address.

I just tested trying to browse and stream to the Chromecast from my Android app — and it works. So somehow it’s just streaming from the mac that doesn’t work.

Thanks again for your help.


Actually, I take that back — the Android app can play the movie on my mac, but not stream it to the Chromecast.


Where do I look for errors in the browser console? Thanks.


It’s buried under the settings in Chrome:

Hopefully that will shed some light. There may be addresses/details you don’t want to post publicly here. Please feel free to PM me.


PM sent! Thanks again.


Hi Dom, do you have an update for me? Plex is still not working. Thanks!