The TVDB Agent no longer works: site API now requires login information and credentials


It would appear that the TVDB Agent can no longer identify shows (and/or can no longer download images) as the TVDB API site now requires login credentials - without said authentication the user limited to only the first 10 matches or so (after that - nothing).

However there doesn't appear to be a method in Plex (PMS) to specify login credentials that can be passed along to the TVDB when identifying shows/episodes....

Anyone else noticing this problem as of late?


It doesnt work like that.
I’m getting descriptions and artwork, mostly. 98% success rate.

There are issues with plex and tvdb, but its just not that simple.


@JuiceWSA I get some descriptions and a handful of artwork - then it stops. IMDB is fine, however. I’ve tried the Plex Dance, removing my Libraries and recreating them from scratch, and even reinstalling the PMS altogether. It always seems to identify about 10 random shows, then just stops. For the others, it may download textual metadata, but no artwork. For others, it seems to download nothing at all. Oddly, this all used work - it’s only in the past month (or weeks?) where it has stopped…


Running into this same issue myself. Seems like TVDB only gives you so many results then you have to wait (24 hrs?) before you can pull a few more results.



Thanks @“ACR Server” Sounds from the TVDB like they have their API back up and running and solid. I assume that the Plex folks need to still check and see why the API transactions are (now) failing for many users?