The TVDB - no matching episodes



Hallo, though there exists an episode in the TVDB - 'Universum - Season 2014 - Episode 48'; (information in German), there is no matching with this episode in my Plexmediaserver. In Season 2014 only Folge 48 in Season 2014 is to be seen, but no episode description or first aired and so on. Is there a possibility to get known why there is no match with the database?



how did you name your files / folders for this show? said:
TV Shows <- your library links this folder
.. / Universum (1987)
.. .. / Season 2014
.. .. .. / Universum (1987) - s2014e48 - Wildes Venedig.ext (alternatively without the optional title)

I suppose that’s the show you’re referring to.
When you search only for “Universum”, will give you dozens of results – usually for shows which contain “Universum” as 1 word in a much longer title. Including the year the show first aired in the names should fix this.


Thanks, Universum (1987) fixed my mismatching problem