themoviedb agent "No matches found"



Plex stopped finding auto matches about 2 weeks ago. No matter what I search for when I try to match manually, if I'm using themoviedb is says "No matches found."


Under Settings / Server / Agents / Movies, whats your priority order for “Plex Movie” and “The Movie Database” ?


I don’t “Plex Movie” there. Here’s what the structure looks like under Agents / Movies:


Under “Freebase” and “The Movie Database”, try moving “Local Media Assets” to the third position making “The Movie Database” the first one choice (first priority) followed by “Freebase” as second choice (second priority). You could also just try unchecking “Local Media Assets” as well for another testing option.

Side question: what version of PMS are you using? Ive heard newer server versions update those scripts that touch those outside metadata services…but not sure.

Hope this helps you :slight_smile:


No help on that. Manually searching tmdb says No matches found no matter what. :frowning:

I’ts version, and it says it’s up to date.


Actually, is the most recent version of PMS. I would try upgrading to that.


So I was still unRAID 5.0.3 because I felt like upgrading was risky, and Plex was the last 32-bit version. So I made the plunge and upgraded unRAID to v6 and Plex Docker and it seems to be working fine now. I am having to redo my Plex library though, so that’s kind of a bummer, but oh well.


Glad its now working for you!


I have the same problem
This is my Log
Please help me I use Openmediavault with raspberry pi 3 One HDD


I fixed this problem by correcting an unreachable DNS setting in the IP settings of the Synology interface. Changed to Google public address of and started working. Which makes sense. The Synology couldn’t get to the Internet (resolve names) so it couldn’t reach the Movie Database to pull info.