There are no items in this library when using 'TV Shows' channel


Hello Team

When I create a new Channel using 'TV Shows' and pointed it to our NAS (QNAP) it tells me 'There are no items in this library' despite the fact that there are.

When I create a 'Movies' or an 'Other Videos' channel and point that to the exact same library on the NAS it will show the TV Programs without any issue.

All files are MP4.

Is there any limitation on the format used for 'TV Shows'?




Log Files Please:
Drag zip file to message window and drop it.


Hi Tony, apologies for not including this. Here is the server log.


Read this entire post before you do anything.

Jun 19, 2017 09:09:15.709 [1580] DEBUG - Adding file for scanner: \

Jun 19, 2017 09:09:15.709 [1580] DEBUG - Adding file for scanner: \
Jun 19, 2017 09:09:15.709 [1580] DEBUG - Adding file for scanner: \

Ok - that simply won't work: <--- of particular importance

The above guides aren't just casual reading material. You do have some 'wiggle room' in Movie Libraries, but you DO NOT have ANY 'wiggle room' for TV Show Libraries. There are strict guidelines for naming and structuring TV Shows that, if not adhered to, will result in invisible files - you discovered that bit already.

Taking Orphan Black as our example...:

First, go to TVDB and find your show - so you'll know how to name it: <--- Orphan Black at TVDB

A TV Show Library/ <-- make a new folder off the root of a drive that can be a TV Show Library. Aim the library at it.
......Orphan Black/ <--- the name as it appears at TVDB (caveats do exist - you'll be back - we'll cover that then)
.........Season 01/
............Orphan Black - S01E01 - Episode Name Optional.mp4 <--- we'll talk about MP4/M4V files in a moment.
............Orphan Black - S01E02.mp4 <--- compliant file name without an Episode Title.

The structure and file names above are valid and compliant. Non-Compliancy breeds bitter disappointment - when shows are mismatched or are invisible.

FileBot (link in my signature) can handle that for you automatically or manually in seconds.

What FileBot can't do is remove possible embedded metadata in the Title Field of MP4/M4V files. Plex will read this info and prefer it over a perfect file name/structure (you don't have any of those yet), but you can combat that situation by moving Local Media Assets to the bottom of every agent list you can find. All tabs in TV Show and Movies here:
Just drag LMA to the bottom of the list and drop it. If you do have embedded metadata this will cure the issue, if you don't it won't matter. LMA will do what it has to from the bottom. This only affects MP4/M4V files, but you seem to have a lot of them so you absolutely want to head off this disaster before it happens.

Renaming/restructuring is best performed OUTSIDE the library (BEFORE you add them preferably), and you'll need to write a new bundle for the show that's already a bogus bundle so The Plex Dance® was invented:

The Plex Dance®:

1) remove show from library - all of them - just make a new library. Let's start over.
2) update library
3) empty trash
4) clean bundles <--- update library, empty trash, clean bundles
5) bring names and structures into compliance/move LMA, fiddle around, check, double check, etc
6) replace corrected show into library
7) update library

All Steps. In Order. No Shortcuts.

The Plex Dance you'll want to commit to memory because you'll need to do it if you flub up and need to rename/restructure an existing show, but for our purposes we're going to start over:
Roll your mouse over your existing TV Show Library in Plexweb, click the dots, Edit, Delete. Your files are still there, but your Library is gone. That's what we want.
Now Update libraries, empty trash and clean bundles.
Plex has a blank slate now with no bogus bundles so we can start fresh with all compliant material and things will go a lot smoother this time.

DO NOT copy those bogus TV Shows into your brand, spanking new TV Show Library!
Start putting compliant TV Shows in.
Take it nice and slow.
Use FileBot for perfect naming - instantly - or take your time and lay these things out properly BEFORE they go into the library.

Before long you'll be an expert - like me - but I use FileBot every day, many times a day. I type 120WPM. I'm fast. FileBot makes me look like a grandmother in a wheelchair. Ain't nobody as fast as FileBot. It's the #1 Plex Companion for a reason.



WOW Tony!! This is greatly appreciated!! Just followed your instructions and off it went!! Recognising everything just like the Movies!! :smile:

I guess having only done Movies to date my expectation was incorrect!

Thanks again!!


Read that Movie Guideline as well - and adhere to it's warnings. Your Plex life will be greatly enhanced:

A Movie Library/
......Movie Name (YEAR) [Extra, Non-Compliant Stuff in Brackets is ignored by Plex].xxx
A Movie Library/
......Movie Name (YEAR) [1080P Naked Alien Version]/
..........Movie Name (YEAR) [1080P Naked Alien Version].xxx

You can 'nest' movies, but the 'nest folder' should be named exactly like the movie.

The Documentation is quite helpful, but as always a question on the forum will usually be met with many helpful participants.

FileBot - is your friend.