"There was a problem playing this item"



I don’t know if I am asking this under the right category, or if it’s already been answered, but I’ve searched relentlessly all night and can not find an answer to this. I just got a new computer, a Dell Inspiron. I installed plex, and got my Roku communicating with it. Yet for some reason, several shows will simply not play but only of 2 of my series’s. I tried completely downloading a new version of one of the series’s but the same episodes still won’t play. In one series, most of the episodes won’t play, but the odd one still will for some reason. When I try to open it in PMS, it says “There was a problem playing this item” and when I try to open it in Plex on my Roku, it says “Video Unavailable please make sure device is connected.” My c: drive still has quite a bit of space left. I have already removed both from my library, cleared trash/bundles, re-added them, deleted and re-added the entire TV Shows library, and rebooted. It’s still happening. I don’t know what else to try. I’ve attached pics of the specs for my system, my PMS, my connection, and my Roku. Any assistance is very much appreciated.