There was an unexpected error loading the dashboard



Last night i have started to get the following error "There was an unexpected error loading the dashboard" But if i select TV/Movie/Music it shows the content.



ok rebooting the whole server seems to have fixed it.


this was my Fist (thus only, in 4 months) error with the Most Awesome and Well written 'Plex Media Server'.
I too, rebooted via ssh, my IBM server and... all is well. : )
I was sure there was going to be a drive or at least, a db issue... : /
Thanks, again.


ok, so I thought all was well, but...
each successive launching of google chrome browser / plex client I am getting the same 'there was an unexpected error loading the dashboard' error.
client: I am running opensuse linux, kde desktop 8 gb ram, plenty of swap space / disk space
server: again, opensuse, (kde dt, but not used) 6 500 gb to 4 tb hdd. again, plenty of space.

any ideas on what is causing this to repeat?

p.s. I don't have to reboot the server each time. Some times quitting chrome (which i hate, but I like that I can create an 'app' window without toolbars and menus), wait 20 secs, relaunch browser & dashboard loads.
Could it be the server is 'too busy' scanning 2 4TB Volumes (not full) at the very moment I'm logging in?


i had witten 'alias' in my root .bashrc / .profile files.
alias plexstart='sudo service plexmediaserver start'
alias plexstatus='sudo service plexmediaserver status'
alias plexstop='sudo service plexmediaserver stop'
So, i ssh into server 'plexstop' wait a minute, 'startplex' and again, dashboard loads.

Another issue is that I'm unable to save changes like poster change, directory change, etc.
Changes are made once I stop/start PLM or reboot

ps, the 'sudo' is in there, because I originally added them to my user .bashrc as that is 'who' was installing PMS. I merely copied from /to in vim.


Ah, ha...
the system volume, which, unless you're using the pos .snapper, has Never needed > 20gb, was out of disk space...
In Settings > Server I changed the location of Backup Files (database) to another volume > Saved,,, but this change is NOT honored by Plex. Why?
Going back to server settings the new volume location is textually saved, but again, not honored.

ps. Just to be sure I'm right, I looked at 5 other sys/volumes and even on my primary workstation, with all my apps & db, du -h is < 10 gb.
So, on a server running no 'office' applications, where is the other 10 gb???
/tmp/ & /var/..../plexmediaserver/plug-ins/backups/database/. I cleared /tmp/ so, it's apparently all in PMS and will not honor Backup Setting of another volume... Bummer.


I tried to save the install..
Nothing I did worked, completely.
the plex ~/plug-in.... files where corrupt.
As to not have to reinstall whole system, I moved /usr/share and /var/ to another volume and created symlinks to them in system vol /.
Reinstalled PMS .. Rebuilt Libraries etc..
What a day...
ps, some devices eg livingroom TV refused to stop connecting to 'old' PMS. Don't know why. It's Literally the same IBM server, same host name, same IP etc.. again, I didn't rebuild the server, just PMS... Got past that. All is good in the world once more.



Please tell me what you're running on ? Which Distro? Are you running in a VM or a Docker container?

Depending on the distro, moving things around as you did will likely cause ownership problems and prevent PMS from properly starting.


@ChuckPA, thanks for responding.
as far as some devices inability to connect, turns out that some 'smart tv's' can't use the ssl (secure) connection. So, changing Require ssl to Prefer ssl in Server Settings allowed those devices to connect.