"There was an unexpected error loading the dashboard"



This is how it's starting up today- It HAD been loading correctly, so it's obviously taken a step backwards. My situation:

New install. Public version. Binhex docker on Unraid 6.35 system. System isn't updating the libraries as episodes are added, though it did spend a few days doing nothing but scanning/updating the libraries...just no sign of episodes added to my server in the last few days. Search function sporadically works. Seldom loads the seasons once you select a series. Really need some direction- I know almost nothing about dockers.

UPDATE: I think I've resolved the issue by (1) Deleting and recreating the docker and (2) changing the docker's default transcode location. As I said, I don't yet know anything about dockers, but I believe the docker's defaults had the transcribe directory located inside the docker. I set that path to a location on my cache drive, and everything seems to be running normally now. I'm abandoning this here- just in case it might help someone else in the future, facing the same problem.


I am having this issue as well, it started sometime after I changed my transcode directory to /tmp