This Directory Appears To Be Empty


Hi all,

New to Plex and was trying to install a few unofficial channels via webtools 3.0. When I use BringThePopCorn the message "This directory appears to be empty" occurs, when accessing via the server side it states "This plugin is not responding.". I've tried a number of other channels and none of them are successfully working

Any help would be appreciated as to where i'm going wrong.



Hi there....

First of all, we try to limit the amount of threads up here, and secondly, in order for you to attract attention from others using this plugin, as well as the developers, you should use the relevant support thread.
In WebTools UAS, when looking at the plugin, hit the down arrow to the right, and a support link will show, allowing you to post your questions in the correct thread

As an alternative, this pinned post also lists the relevant support thread