Time bar not dissappearing after skipping 10 seconds / rewinding 10 seconds



Hi, I have an appleTV 4th gen, and lately (as of the last week), 50% of the times I skip forward or rewind using the 10 seconds feature, the time bar does not disappear and I can see a spinning circle, same as if plex were loading content. The playback is not affected but the bar won't disappear unless I pause/play again (then it disappears normally). ANy idea what may be causing this?



I have the same issue, except pausing/playing doesn't make it go away. It stayed on the screen during a 1hr tv show.


You can make it go away by swiping the remote to show/hide the info bar. Pretty annoying.


Yeah, you can just tap the trackpad twice and it'll go away. a weird bug that popped up over a year ago, was fixed, and now is back.


Hmmm! are the developers aware that this bug is back? it is indeed pretty annoying!

Also, is it a bug of the client? or the sever?


It's a bug with tvOS11, same thing happened to me yesterday with Plex and Netflix.


I see! maybe we should make apple aware then


Seems that the problems is still there after the update to 11.1


The problem still persists in the latest version of Plex. If seen it in two apple tvs, one 4gen and a 4K version. Any news about this?


Problem is still there in the latest version with iOS 11.2


Yep, the same happens to me every now and again.
Have to swipe up to the subtitle bar and then swipe back down to get it to go away.
Not the end of the world, but still annoying sometimes.


There is an easier way, just tap (not press) the remote touchpad to the center (to change time from counting to actual time) and after 2 secs the timebar disappears.

I believe It is not a plex client problem, with the latest tvos it is still happening on other apps like netflix and prime video.