Time for library update is (not completely) ignored




as my server is running on a mini server and the files are on a NAS I set the time to update my library to 6 hours.
Most of the time I check the update status it tells me that the last update was done "8 hours" or "7 hours" ago.

Running the latest Plex Pass release on 10.11.3


I have seen it do the periodic updates in double the specified time interval. eg when set to be every 6 hours it was actually doing it every 12 hours.

you can enable debug logging on the server and restart the server and look at the Plex Media Server.log files
Logs are recycled when they reach 5Mb in size or on restart.
Latest Log file is Plex Media Server.log, previous one is Plex Media Server.log.1 and prior to that Plex Media Server.log.2
Oldest log file Plex Media Server.log.5

Logs should have entries like this

DEBUG - Running scheduled update
INFO - It's been xxxxxx seconds, so we're starting scheduled library update for section xx (<library name>)



You are right. Its doing it after double the time.


It is registered as an issue with the plex team