Timeout - Change Request



Some of my library content is on an external hard drive, and this drive takes a few seconds to spin up and respond if it hasn't been used for a while. The Plex web app, and the Plex app on my Android TV seem to handle this OK, they just wait a few seconds and then the video plays. Plex VR behaves differently. On the first appempt to play a file, it waits a few seconds (but not quite long enough it seems) and then flashes up a timeout message. trying again straight after that works fine, because the drive has woken up. I can work around it by trying twice, but it's a pain. Could you please increase the timeout on the Plex VR apps?



Interesting. How many seconds are we talking about here, approximately? I guess we should use a larger timeout since your use case sounds relatively reasonable (and common).

(Oh, and apologies for the belated reply).


Thanks for your reply. It's difficult to tell exactly from the VR app, but if I'm just browsing to it from Windows Explorer it's about 7 or 8 seconds for the drive to respond and show the files in a folder. I guess that would need to be added to whatever the normal timeout is for a drive that's always ready. Does that help?


I'd love a server-side timeout setting that all clients could respect. I've got a similar issue with a sleepy NAS (Plex itself runs on a big-boy computer instead of on the NAS). Often I'll open a share on my desktop just to wake it up before using Plex.


I'd be happy with access to set the timeout in each client settings section. I only see the issue with the Plex VR client though. Others (web client, Android TV) seem fine accessing the same content with time for the drive to spin up.