TiVo Bolt Direct Stream instead of Direct Play



I am using Version of plex media server and version 3.8.0 of the player on TiVo Bolt.

I am trying to play a variety of different x264 files in 720p and 1080p in mkv container. They all direct stream but none of them direct play. Any idea why? Thanks.


Direct stream is the result of the file container. MKV is not compatible with the TiVo. However, direct stream isn't transcoding. It is removing the container and streaming the audio and video stream separately without transcoding. If you took that x264 encode and put it in an mp4 container, it would direct play (most likely).


Thanks for your reply. My understanding was that the Bolt does support the MKV container unlike the roamio. Is that incorrect?


Tivo does not support mkv. Plex is remuxing into a streamable container. Use mp4 or ts


Anyone have any further insight on this?

According to the plex website:

The Bolt specifically does support mkv container h264 files