Toggling Subtitles



Maybe I'm missing it but on every other player you can turn subtitles on and off while watching a film.  With the Windows 8.1 client, I don't see a way to do this.  Is it there and I'm just missing it?


Nope, only on pre-play page.


Odd, do you know if that's due to some limitation?


Not particularly.  We've just had other priorities.


I am missing that function too. It gets especially annoying when I want to watch a whole season and have to go back an select the next episode just so I have the subtitles on.

But the app in general is superb. Love it on my Surface Pro 3. Thanks!


Thanks for the feedback.

One thing I'll note, btw, is that the server has some options for automatically selecting subtitles.  That may work well for you if there are patterns to when you want subs selected.


Yea, lets make restoring this a priority. It’s a critical ability when you don’t want to have subs on by default, but can’t tell what someone is saying in a given segment; currently if you don’t understand one phrase in a movie you have to stop, exit, turn on subs, start the movie again, see what it says, then stop switch subs off, and start the movie again, rather than just click a button twice as you did before this version was pushed out… It’s also a hassle if things get noisier and you need them for a few minutes… or if the wife goes to bed and you need to turn it down… and any number of other occasions.


Well maybe we should get them to prioritise fixing the bugs the app has right now first… I agree though it should be possible