Total Novice Questions



Hi all,
could anyone please point me in the right direction of what NAS to buy.

I only require a NAS so my son can watch his movies whilst i work away so i dont need to leave my laptop on at all times (which would cost a fortune being online at all times)

i have seen a few on ebay and was hoping someone could point me in the direction of the most basic kind i need.
He will just be watching on the PLEX app on the tv.

any help on this matter would be very much apreciated.

many thanks



I’ve read your questions and answers received on your other thread and, TBH, there is so much choice out there it will be difficult for anyone to point you to a specific machine. However, as you have specified a budget of between £120 - £400, I would suggest that you look at Amazon UK, rather than ebay, and pick out a 2 disk NAS, possibly with an Intel CPU and 2 x WD Red 2TB HDs.

Most 2 disk NASes are easy to set up, though they may take a bit of time, are primarily aimed at the home use and, I think, you will find the price coming in under the £400.00 mark.

UK Bob