Trabscodeur Crash



Hi !
My Plex Media Serveur is running on a slot of a big server but when I need to reencode a video with subtiles a error message appears
who said that the transcoder didn't succed to start or have crash.

Do you have any idee from where it could come ?
I've run 5 different version of plex trying to fix that

Thanks and have a great Day !


Log files please?

Information about the server; Operating system, type of hardware please?


Hi !
Sorry I'm late..

Which log do you want ? The archive is 2.4Mo with 106 files..

About the configuration I use the Feral SeedBox which is compose with:
Linux tityos 4.12.4-feral x86-64
Intel Xeon E5-2680 v4 at 2.4GHz
6Go of Ram.

Thanks !


You just shared the key piece of info. No log files will be needed.

Feral Hosting modifies, builds, and uses their own customized Linux kernel. In doing so, they've removed part of the signal handlers.

Specifically they've removed those signals (1, 9, 15) which PMS MUST have.

Thanks for offering the log files but there is nothing to be gained by examining them. I know what I will find.


Ok ! I'm going to see this with them !

Thanks a lot for your help !



I've talked with the developer !

If you can provide me a list of all the kernel requirement it would be awesome !

Thanks !


As I stated above. Make absolute certain Linux signals 9,11, and 15 are supported per Linux standard.


Thanks !

Was thinking there might be something else but if not it's all okay !

Have a great day !


@ChuckPA said:
As I stated above. Make absolute certain Linux signals 9,11, and 15 are supported per Linux standard.

They are. What else do you suggest looking for?


Linking thread

Please decide where to continue the discussion.

I have responded in the thread referenced above but quote here:

PMS, just like any other process, has the right and Linux-granted privilege to kill its child processes.
When the ABI presented to processes is non-standard and otherwise untested, the results are unpredictable.
The distributions PMS is supported on is so listed on the downloads page.
What distribution does Feral Hosting use? What Linux kernel core does Feral Hosting use as their baseline? What GLIBC version ?