Track Info Not Updating When Using Bluetooth



I recently upgraded my phone to the Pixel 2 XL and have this connected in my car via Bluetooth (Sony SYNC). When using the Plex player app on the phone, the track info does not update when the track changes - or ever actually. When I play using the Amazon Music app, playing the same tracks, the track info updates fine. I am hoping this can be addressed, as I would rather use the Plex player, however, not being able to see the track info is a bit of a deal breaker, and I have already started moving my music to Amazon.


Same issue here, same phone different Bluetooth device but same problem


Same thing here. Nexus 5x and car bluetooth. In the beginning 2017 it still has being working fine. Now track info is not updated from plex - always the first song is displayed. The plex track is only updated once when plex playback starts after some other music source was playing, like podcast from other app.




The problem has started when Android Auto support was introduced.


Is anyone doing anything about it?
It seems that updating info works when I manually jump to new item in the playlist, including just starting the playback. But when a new item is automatically switched to, the info is not updated.


Would love to see a fix for this. Plex music ticks all the boxes for me but I exclusively listen over Bluetooth so the meta info and control issues are making it difficult to stick with it. The track name and image stick to whatever was played first unless I hit skip on my phone. Hitting play/pause/skip on my car functions inconsistently. Have the same issues on my current Tesla Model 3 and my previous cars Parrot MKi9200. Playback works without issue on Microsoft Groove and Google Play Music. My phone is a Pixel 2.


This is still a problem for me on my Pixel 2XL and Pixel XL in multiple car stereos. Has anybody seen this work?