Trailers aren't working in Plex Media Player but are in other players



When trying to play a trailer from PMP, I just get to a page that says:

There was a problem playing this item
loading failed

Trailers work in Plex Web.


I’m having a similar issue. I can’t play any trailers or special features using Plex web app from my PC, Xbox One, Vizio, Roku, Firestick, etc. ie: It’s not working at all on any of my devices. :frowning:
I’ve tried going to the Server settings and checking/fixing the Agents;PlexMovie;TheMovieDatabase check boxes as instructed in most FAQ’s pertaining to not being able to view previews.
Anyone have any ideas? I have my Server logs if that would help.

Set-Up: NOTE (None will play trailers or special features)
Plex running on a Qnap TVS- 463 NAS with web app on my PC (Everything is hardwired on a gigabit home network)
Home Theater: Plex running on an Xbox One hardwired to gigabit home network and Wi-Fi Firestick running in TV input of Xbox One
Master BR: Plex running on a Vizio 4K TV hardwired to gigabit home network
BR 1-4: Plex running on Vizio TV’s hardwired to gigabit home network
LR: Plex running on an Xbox One hardwired to gigabit home network
Kitchen; Plex running on a Roku device via Wi-Fi


Anybody figured this out yet? Browser plays trailers and extras fine…media player only plays extras that are stored locally, no automatic streamed content.


Appears to be related to how it’s built and or where it’s built from.

The versions I’ve built myself from tv2 & master branch on github both fail to play trailers for some unknown reason.

The .appimage community release can play trailers.


What’s an .appimage community release?


@Skullberry said:
What’s an .appimage community release?


Trailers and extras still don’t seem to be working for me in Plex Media Player. Anyone else having any luck yet?