Trailers not working.....



Love the new update but I cant get the trailers to work. Ive checked the boxes in the app & on my computer to include 2 trailers.What else needs to be done?


Is this a problem others are having with the new app


Last night the trailer would start loading, but it would never finish loading or play. I assumed it was a communication problem. Today, the trailers play with no problem.


Hmm, that should be all there is to it. Do trailers work on any other clients? Is it just your Roku that isn't picking them up? I ask because most of the heavy lifting for trailers is done by the media server.


I have 2 Roku 3s both do not play trailers thats why I thought I did something wrong. Do I just start playing a movie like normal or do I hit something else? Do i need to refresh my video library?

#6 For trailers to work, you must have local trailers available, unless you are a Plex Pass user, in which they will be added automatically. This help article may help troubleshoot, but the first thing to do is verify you have local trailers available.


In local u mean trailers on my computer? I do not nor am I plex pass user. I'm dumb lol I thought this feature was for all plex users.

#8 said:
In local u mean trailers on my computer? I do not nor am I plex pass user. I'm dumb lol I thought this feature was for all plex users.

Not dumb at all, just confusing. Trailers, extras and cinema trailers (trailers before a movie) are available to all, but with a Plex Pass, they are automatically added for you when you add or fully rescan your library. Without a Plex Pass, you must supply your own trailers and extras.

#9 said:
I do not nor am I plex pass user.
Your user profile indicates you are PlexPass.
I'm dumb lol I thought this feature was for all plex users.
Are you talking about playing the trailer for the movie you have selected or a random trailer like at the movie theater. The random ones require a PlexPass to work. The trailer for the movie you selected can work, but you need to provide the trailer video file and place it next to your movie file and named properly.


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Ok. In the WebApp, go to Settings / Server / Extras, then set the options you want.

You may also need to edit your movie library, advanced tab, enable cinema trailers. That tells PMS to use cinema trailers for movies in this library. You can turn it off for other movie libraries like Home Movies where having a trailer probably wouldn't make sense.


Also to note, once these features have been enabled, you will have to rescan the library., and make sure to read the "How to Get Extras" section.

Once you've made sure your primary metadata agent has the Find trailers and extras automatically setting enabled, you can start gathering extras for your content. Extras are gathered when metadata for the movie is downloaded. Once the option is enabled, extras will automatically be retrieved (where available) for new movies added to your Library.

For content already in your Library, refreshing the metadata will check for extras. You can refresh individual items to update only that movie. You can Force Refresh the entire Library to gather content for everything.



I hate to revisit this tread but I am at a loss for why movie trailers on all my devices stopped working. Never had a problem before. I checked all the FAQ and guides and my settings are correct. I even made sure the time and time zones were correct. Refreshed my library. Made sure correct option blocks were checked. What more can I do? Please advise.



Bump… Please help


Can you be more specific on what stopped working?

  • PMS no longer has trailers for movies in your library
  • Cinema trailers no longer play
  • Trailers are listed but clicking play doesn’t play


The trailers for the movies themselves under extras play fine. It when the random movie trailer that plays before the movie that freezes. It happens on all my devices. Does this help any? Please let me know what I can do to help isolate the problem. Thanks for your response!


Please recreate the problem, then provide me logs from the app you were using and PMS.