Trailers stretched to 16:9



I just tried the trailers feature (via the '+' tab) in the Samsung client. For some reason, all trailers are stretched to 16:9. That means almost all trailers are stretched vertically. It does not happen with the (new) Plex Media Player. Is there any way to fix this?


Please try the latest beta release, I made some changes to the aspect ratio settings.


Thanks, I might check it out.


Sooo… some 2 and a half years later, is the answer to still use that beta? Because I finally got trailers working and I notice the same thing… trailers are forced to 16:9 while the films themselves are not.

At first I thought it was server, not app, because my Android app does the same thing. But the Web Player does not and neither does WIndows Plex App or chromecast.

Any ideas on how to “fix” this? Sure, it is minor… but maybe it is an easy fix.

Samsung app 2.011
UN65F8000 (2013) <-- wow, my TV is already 5 years old! Time flies… yeesh.


The problem has to do with the trailer content. If you check the XML for those files you will see that they have wrong dimensions. So a 21:9 video could be listed as 1920x1080. Unfortunately the app depends on the server analysis, which doesn’t gets it right all the time.
As a workaround:
Press the green button during playback and select the bottom option.
Keep pressing enter until you find the right aspect ratio.


Thanks for the reply.

Curious… where/how do we see XML for these on-the-fly internet grabbed vids?