Transcode Audio Stuttering - Ubuntu



Hello -
I have PMS v1.11.0.4666-fc63598ba on Ubuntu 16.04.3 LTS (xenial). When I watch any TV/Movie that requires transcoding, the audio/video stutters significantly throughout the playback, however, DirectPlay does not do this. I've seen in past forum posts that this was a versioning issue and a rollback needed to be done.
Is anybody else experiencing this issue? If yes, is there a fix you are aware of? I'd like to try to rollback to a previous version but I don't know the version #s or where to look.

Thank you


DEBUG level log files please? Collected immediately after recreating the issue are best (settings - server - help - download logs)


I haven’t been able to reproduce the issue – it did it for a few hours when I posted this, but it won’t reproduce. If it happens again I’ll repost the question with logs.