Transcode Format Changes from Auto to HLS automatically?



On my Roku TV. I fell asleep watching a show and woke up to it buffering. I went to settings and noticed the transcode format (which I had set to auto) had changed itself to HLS....I changed it back to automatic and the buffering stopped. Just wondering if this is normal behavior - I've never seen it happen before. Thanks


I've been having this happen frequently. Probably since July'ish.
In the middle of streaming a movie. Suddenly starts buffering. Check and shows stream type hls.
Fails to continue, so thinking bad file.

So... start up next movie. Soon as I start, check stream info. Shows direct play, and mkv.
Less than 7 minutes in, movie buffers. Check stream info, now showing hls.

Might this also be what's causing PlexScriptHost processes to constantly hang on to the media files even after I've completed watching them? Both issues started around the same time.

This is on my Roku Ultra.


Mark, check roku forums for roku firmware 7.7 issues. a lot of plex users are having similar issues since Roku FW 7.7 was forced on us. all of my movies stop multiple times then transcode one stream or the other even though they are always 100% compatible. I have been trying to get back on ver 7.6 but nobody at roku has been responding.