Transcoder error - exit code 1 when syncing



I am experiencing a transcoder error with exit code 1 when I intend to transcode any type of TV show or movie (tested avi and mkv) for syncing to my mobile. Since my server is really low on power, I normally don't transcode at all, but for syncing to mobile this would be beneficial due to space requirements. The same happens when I try to create an optimized version from web app, which is what I did when pulling the logs attached. Searched the forums/web but didn't find a solution.

Server Version on ubuntu server 16.04
Transcoding starts at Jun 30, 2017 11:57:58.100 in the logs.
Server is an Asus Chromebox with an underpowered Celeron CPU.

Would appreciate your help.


Do you have a custom transcode directory by any chance?


Yes I specified a folder on my usb drive since the Chromebox only has a small SSD. Although I assume that permission are set right, this didn't work. Which folder does Plex use if I don't specify one?
Anyway emptying the temporary transcoding directory led to the same error...

For the sake of testing I also specified /tmp which is on my SSD obviously. Free space 8 GB. Plex does successfully create a directory but the error remains :(

Edit: Gotta admit that also my Plex Library lies on this very usb drive, which seems to cause problems:

But thanks to this thread I could solve my own problem:
I needed to add the 'exec' option in the fstab entry for my usb drive. So thanks @bumperjeep for pushing my into the right direction :)

Edit 2: Witnessing my first transcode just now... Holy cow is my machine slow :D