Transcoding ALAC into WAV



First, I'm sorry about my moderate english. I try to give my best, please have patience.

I'm new here and I have the following request:

I want to stream ALAC files via Plex to my Sony Bravia TV which is not supporting ALAC but WAV. I don't want a quality loss so I'm looking for a way how to transcode ALAC into WAV on the fly. Currently Plex transcodes the ALAC Files into MP3 192 kbps on the fly, which is OK but not quite sufficient for me. Is there any chance to get that issue fixed?

Thank you very much in advance.


After abandoning that subject temporarily ;), I gave it another try with the Serviio mediaplayer. Now my ALAC files are getting properly transcoded into lossless LPCM, which my Sony Bravia TV supports. I also had success with editing the profiles.xml under Serviio. Before I did that, there was no chance to play a few high resolution audio files that i purchased from HDTracks. Now those High-Res files are getting downsamled on the fly into a DLNA-playable samplerate (24Bit/48000hz), which is above CD quality. So I‘m really happy with this solution and I do not need to buy a Samsung TV :). Cheers!