Transcoding Bitrate Very Low, can't increase



When I set a video to transcode in the preview window the server only sends 60-70 KB/s and the picture is very low quality. My Plex version for Samsung Smart Hub is 2.009 and player quality settings are set to 12. I can't figure out why the bitrate is so low or how to increase to max quality. It use to work fine with an older Plex version prior to installing the samsung EVO kit and downloading an updated Plex version.

The server is local to the Samsung TV. Direct play will pull several MB/s from the sever but the TV chokes when playing high bitrate content so I need transcoding in this case.

Other clients appear to work fine (roku, web, ios, android, other smart tv's). I was watching the server network stats last night, I had 2 clients watching at original quality 4k & 1080, 1 pulling 7MB/s and another pulling 2.5MB/s while my local Samsung was pulling 60KB/s. I spent a few hours trying to fix it....I must be missing something obvious, I hope?


attached logs