Two players now stopping playback after purchasing a PlexPass - they stop within 30 seconds of...




I have an iMac, iPad, three iPhones, two RasPlex (RPi 2+) players (latest builds), and a MacBook that all connect to my server. Everything has been working fine for months until I purchased a lifetime PlexPass subscription last Friday. Since then, if both the RasPlex players are watching content (either using the same account or different accounts) they stop playback within a few seconds. Testing so far (although preliminary), indicates the issue is only affecting the RasPlex players.

On Sunday, I had the iMac playing a movie without any interruption while the two RasPlex players were constantly stopping, so one got switched off, the other settled a little - only stopping every 10 mins or so.

As part of my troubleshooting (which was limited as I had to leave), I installed the pending server update, rebooted the server, rebooted the network switch, rebooted the RasPlex devices, but still the issue persists. Last night I was using one of the RasPlex players myself without interruption, but tonight they were going off tap again.

Has anyone else has this issue?
Why would getting a PlexPass account cause this?
Any assistance would be appreciated.



Did you cloned the installation of each rasplex or is it a clean install? I read somewhere in this forum that a cloned sd can cause a similar clash


@videotecaCNSU said:
Did you cloned the installation of each rasplex or is it a clean install? I read somewhere in this forum that a cloned sd can cause a similar clash

Yeah, that sounds like a duplicate UUID.


Sorry, I have been offline for a couple of days.
Each RPi was installed manually and not cloned. It's an interesting concept. I'll have to look at the UUID's (if this can be done) and see if they are the same. When I look at the list of devices in the server admin pages, I can see that they are listed as separate devices, but I haven't looked at the UUID's on them.

I have also cleaned out all the old no longer existent devices that were still listed.


Does it transcode and did you upgrade to 1.4.0 at the same time as you changed to plex pass? There is a known issue with 1.4.x and rasplex.


Hi jishi

I did upgrade to 1.4.(something) a few weeks prior to PlexPass, and it seemed fine.

When I got PlexPass is when I noticed the issues and upgraded to 1.4.3 hoping this would address the issue, but it hasn't.

I'm hoping to get some time this weekend to look at it depending on how all my video shooting & editing goes...

Thanks again guys!!


Ok, just an update... I downgraded to 1.3.4 hoping that it was just an incompatibility with 1.4.x.
I have noted slight improvement but no where near enough to be satisfied.
I guess the next thing to try is to remove the additional accounts thus sacrificing Parental Controls - the one reason I purchased the PlexPass Lifetime account - which would be a real shame if this was indeed the cause.
I'll look at doing this real soon and let y'all know the outcome.


Did you try doing a soft reset?
When you are reproducing from both players at the same time, do they appear as separate devices?


Yes they are separate devices. I have soft and hard reset each player.
In the settings, I do note that when viewing the players in the server admin, the "last seen" section is rather inaccurate. I'm trying to watch something now - just switched it on half an hour ago, but last seen is like 10 hours ago.
I just reluctantly removed the other users, and the pin from my main account, rebooted the RasPLEX and still, having same issues.
The only thing left to try is re-imaging the two players - next is to reverse the PlexPass (removing it).
I just can't understand why this happened - the moment my PlexPass was purchased, everything seems to have turned to crap!!


I don´t know, it really really sounds like a duplicate UUID issue. Did you copied the guisettings.xml from one rpi to another, or are you restoring it on any way?

There´s another UUID in there that could that if duplicated can produce those kind of errors even if you can see both players on the server playing as separate entities. Its something to have in mind when one wants to transfer some options between devices.

To be on the safe side try a hard reset or reflash the images and dont copy any configuration files between them.


I have noticed this issue, at least I think it is.
I use Rasplex with a WD Wireless Passport pro when I travel. I recently upgraded to server and videos that used to play perfectly now hang. They start back up but it can happen several times within a few minutes then will go for a while, then start hanging again.
Is this the trait of the known issue in post #5 above?
This is a single RasPlex instance, running on a Pi 3 with a fresh install of RasPlex.
I do not think there is a way to downgrade the WD version so I will be stuck until this gets fixed.
Thanks for any info an sorry for hijacking the thread.


Ok so an update...

Both RPi's have been completely and individually reflashed. Old instances removed from the server and new ones added in. No change.

Disabled multiple accounts (eg parental controls - the one reason for getting PlexPass) and things have settled so much.

I have also downgraded the server to 1.3.x which has also helped.

I also noted that even though according to the check for updates on the players stating that they were up to date, one was not so updated this one - the one my wife uses a lot.

So since turning off parental controls, things have settled.

I will re-enable them in a week or so and see what happens...

It's an interesting issue...!

@videotecaCNSU no files or settings or images were ever copied between any players - all were always setup from scratch.


Ok, so I have just re-enabled the additional managed accounts as I would like to have parental controls setup and working. I will see how things go tonight when both players will be in use...

Fingers crossed that this works!


Well, suffice to say, all seems to be working. I have held off installing any server updates.

I think that as one of the RPi's was reporting latest build but was not the latest, this was causing issues.