Ubuntu 11.1 won't shut down after Plex install



Hey All,

I've installed Plex on about a half dozen Ubuntu machines, and after install, all exhibit a strange behavior.

None of the machines will do a normal shutdown, they just log out or freeze. Trying to shutdown from the login screen does nothing.

The only way to shut these machines down is to open a terminal and type sudo shutdown -h now

I've had two machines hang in the shutdown process, and be forced to do a hard shutdown (push on/off for 4 secs). One of the machines experienced drive errors following the hard shutdown.

I've burnt about 10 hours searching for how to solve this problem....no joy so far.

My guess is that there is some Plex process that can't be terminated from a non-root shutdown request,,,forcing a forever timeout or logout.

If I remove Plex, they all shut down normally again.

Appreciate your musings, comments.



Take a look here: http://forums.plexap...10-reboot-issue