[Ubuntu 14.04.5] Can connect and view libraries, but libaries "empty" when accessing outside LAN



When on local WLAN/LAN, Plex works fine on Chrome, Xbox, Android... When accessing over LTE on android or another wifi network on laptop, I can connect to my account, view my libraries, but it loads for a long time before saying that the library has no content. Not sure of which logs to post that might be helpful so please advise what would be useful here.


Make sure you’re using the same plex account and connecting to the same server. It sounds like you aren’t seeing the same thing on your phone.
Given the new UI, that’s very likely until everyone learns how to use it.


Thanks for the advice… I can literally just toggle wifi on/off on my phone, and I get library contents on wifi, and no contents on LTE… So still connecting using same account for sure. And if it was not clear, I can connect to Plex at a high level just fine, but my libraries cannot load their catalogs.


Hrmmm things started working now. Will keep an eye out but looks like this was some transient issue on my end. Sorry!