Unable to add a manual connection



It looks like with the recent security related changes in the plex server, I am now unable to manually add a server connection to a server (server ip address change).

When trying to add the manual connection, I get:

Unable to add connection. 

A connection to a server couldn't be established using the details you provided.

Error code: 401


Nothing really to add...I am seeing this as well.


+1 this is ruining my experiences viewing things remotely as well.

The plex app gets a 401 forbidden adding a manual server. Pointing a web browser on the same device to the plex server works fine. I can even select things to play with the chromecast, and the chromecast plays them just fine. Literally: the app is the only thing not working right. (The plex server is being accessed over an ssh tunnel, if this helps with the investigation.)

This used to work. It does not. Please fix.


I have the exact problem. I'm not sure, but I have a feeling that plex wants to see all the traffic, and so, they want you to access your server through their service. YOUR_SERVER<->PLEX SERVICE<->iPhone/Android App. (Just a theory, but in reality they'd know your library this way, and although I don't know what they need this info for, it's not something you'd want them to have.... now, is it? :-)

Although I had this working before, there were enormous delays in the contacting of the server and it's really just a http connection, which I can't get my head around -- WHY it should be so slow, when contacting through the web browser it's lightning fast??

Now it seems they've removed the option entirely in the back-end... or then there's a bug somewhere.

It's like this with all good things.. at some point they want your data, and sell it to advertisers. Sucks, but that's just the way the world works.


It has bee a over a year and this is still not fixed. I have paid for the Plex pass to improve my experience and let my family enjoy all the great features and support the developers. I put all my pics to the plex library so i can share with extended family as well, but the delays that this is causing for us when we are home is unacceptable. My wife is impatient and I also cannot wrap my head around why the Apple devices cannot connect locally.
I can confirm that this works both on Windows app and Android. It is a mastery why Apple application cannot connect.
It is sad but if this does not get fixed, i will not care about the lifetime membership i have paid and will abandon the product.