Unable to Authorise account with Amazon Alexa



I received my Amazon Echo Dot today and proceeded to setting up the device.
When trying to link my account to plex, I'm getting the following error when I click the "Authorize" button:
"_Oops; a 500 error...
That's "Internal Server Error" in geeky language.
We've been notified about this issue and will take a look at it shortly.
Let us take you to the main page and we can start all over again, shall we?

You can always visit status.plex.tv for current information. Thank you for your patience._"


OK, so I've managed to authorise, but now whenever I ask Alexa to tell plex to do something, it responds with: "uh oh, something weird just happened, alarm bells are ringing around the world as plex engineers are rushing to their computers to address this issue." (or something like that.)


Yeah Alexa support is kinda twonky and you get those errors from time to time.
That just clears out on its own...

Its cute and fun when it does work but pretty finicky.