"unable to cast. This media is currently unavailable."




I can stream Youtube from any device to my Chromecast. But I can not stream anything from any device using Plex to my Chromecast - always receiving "unable to cast. This media is currently unavailable."

Here my setup:
Synology ds415+
Plex Server is the one synology package center updates to
Chromecast 2
Plex Media Player on: Mac Desktop, iPad Pro, Android phone

What works:
- Streaming youtube (or any other video source) to Chromecast from any of my devices
- Streaming Plex on the desktop using Plex Media Player

What does not work:
- playing back from either device from Plex to Chromecast with described error message "unable to cast"
- playing back via Chrome plexweb.tv remotely

What I checked/tried:
- confirmed Chromecast is on the same subnet as Plex (192.169.1.*)
- disabled Synology Firewall (all it did was returning the Plex error message quicker)
- tried multiple Plex Media Server versions 1.3.2, 1.5.6, 1.7.2 to no avail
- changed Plex Media Server Network/Secure connections from Preferred to Disabled
- added Chromecast IP to Plex Media Server Network/Custom server access URLs (https://192-168-1-71.1f82c9925fb24cbf82693443c1b04ac4.plex.direct:32400)
- rebooted Chromecast multiple times
- rebooted Synology multple times
- rebooted Router multiple times


Well, that's embarrassing.

I shut down everything. Started turning on the Router router first, then all the other devices. And, it now works.

Annoying as heck that this tech is so, well, unpredictable?


Thanks for posting your solution. I didn't think it would work for me, but tried it in desperation, and presto! I was back to casting just like I could several months ago.


I have almost the same exact issue except changing the secure connections to Disabled fixed it for me. But putting back to Preferred or Secure only provides this “unable to cast” error…can’t tell if it is Plex’s issue or Chromecast


hello friend. i can not cast from plex to smart tv anymore and my smart tv say that the server is offline.
when i try to cast from plex web to chromecast it say “The server “X” does not have a valid connection for casting. Check that the server is claimed in server settings.”
please help


Have been struggleing with this myself for a while, and thought to share my solution:

My direct cast is not working either. but found out you can change the cast method, and mirror the chrome tab instead. then it works just fine :smile:

When cast, click on the little arrow next to IP

The click on, cast tab:

Fane in the danish language = Tab

cheers :wink: