Unable to change subtitles size



Hi there,
I am casting a movie to my chromecast, and I have external subtitle, and they are so small,, I don't find anywhere- how can I change the size



I've had the same problem. If you disconect your Cromecast you can change the size while the playback is set to the iOS device. Once you have made the size larger you can connect to the Chromecast again and new larger sub. size will appear.



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Not sure why, but not working for me. (running )
I cannot change the far too small subtitles when using the chromecast with my iphone.

please help…?


Hi, after the latest update ( I can’t change the size of my subtitles when using Chromecast from the laptop. Before the update, I used the “big” size option, but after that it was set on “normal” by default and I can’t change it. Even if I choose “big”, when streaming something on my TV, the size is always the “normal” one.
I can change the size from the android app, but for some reason it was always a different size than the laptop one. The “big” size on my android app was always very big! I want to be able to change it from my laptop. What’s the problem here?


What’s going on with this bug @plex ??
When i am casting from my Iphone to any Google Chromecast Device, i don’t have the option at all to change the subtitle size,
When i am syncing content it’s even worst! the subtitles are so small can’t read them!


still no solution? Devs pls… :neutral:


You can control Chromecast subtitle size during playback using the desktop client. Support for this feature is still being added to other Plex clients.