Unable to connect to plex error



I am using the most recent plex server Debian package. I had a similar issue when I was using the public beta but now that it's general release I expected it to work.

Can anyone help debug this issue?


Hey @heretogo sorry you’re having issues. Can you give me a little more detail about what you’re doing when you get that error? From the logs it looks like you’re able to browse fine, is it failing when trying to play? If so I’d suspect that your router either does not support NAT loopback or it’s disabled, so the speaker on your LAN is unable to access the PMS via your WAN address.

It also doesn’t look like your PMS is able to discover your Sonos on the LAN. If it could see the Sonos, it would be able to play the music directly instead of hitting the WAN address. Is PMS installed directly on the server, or is it running in a container or VM? Are the PMS and Sonos on the same LAN? I wonder if there are firewall issues preventing it from discovering the Sonos?


That’s correct, I can browse fine but not play.

PMS is running on a bare metal server and they are running on the same network. The server is connected to the Wi-Fi via an uplink from a switch and the Sonos is connecting over Wi-Fi. I am able to ping the Sonos from my server.


Do you mean a firewall issue on the server or the router?

I have two separate access points (2.4 and 5G) but they’re not on different networks.


I upgraded my firmware and now it works!

This makes me so happy, it’s the only reason I bought a Sonos!


Glad to hear. Enjoy!


I am having a similar issue. I am running PMS off of my desktop PC. I can access PMS from any Android / OS device as well as from any PC anywhere. I can see my music contents - songs, artists and playlists. When I try to play, I get an error saying it cannot connect to Plex. I am currently in BOOST mode and have my Sonos plugged in directly to my Google Wifi Router (primary point). I have been trying to resolve this for weeks. Please help!


I have the same issue. I can browse my music library but I cannot play it.
My Environment: PMS works on the server with two lan-adapters (internet and local).
Local lan-adapter is connected to the router (via cable); speakers are connected over Wi-Fi to the Switch and that Switch is connected to that router (via cable).


Is your PMS directly on the internet or behind the router? A good way to test connectivity is to make sure that you are able to connect to PMS via it’s LAN address & port, and then via your WAN IP & port (both tests done from a browser on your LAN). It sounds like you’ve got the symptoms of NAT loopback not being supported, which would fail the second test mentioned.