Unable to connect to PMS since latest update.



I've noticed since an automatic update two nights ago, that now nobody can connect directly to my PMS. The ports have not changed, IP has not changed, basically the only environment change was the PMS update.

I've even went in and manually specified a port in my router, and still nothing. Now i can connect in an Indirect manner but it affects the quality of my streams. This has worked flawlessly for 5 years connecting to plex, this is the first time it's ever happened. UPNP is on the router as well.



Anyone? This is starting to get irritating.


Sometimes I've noticed that my iSP tries to block the port plex is using since I tend to remotely stream a TON.
what I did was change the port on the router to something like 62K range. seems functional at this time.


I thought the same thing, that did nothing. It was working 100% fine for 5 years. Then poof in a day.


verify with canyouseeme.org that your port forward is setup and functioning properly on port 32400.
Once you confirm that shows Success we can check next step.


The same has happened to me since the latest update, confirmed port is open and everything is setup correctly.
How do I downgrade plex to test? Will this stuff with any settings or my media?


@domcurulli - You should not need to downgrade to get this fixed you just need to troubleshoot your network connectivity and I suggest you post your own forum post so others can help you directly if you haven't yet.

But if you want... This is the latest download link for linux...
(I know you run windows but you should still be able to figure this out!)


So for instance if you want:

So if you know the exact version you want you might be able to find it that way and compare with a windows download.

And here is a link to a list of older WIndows versions but I had an issue getting to it so it might have been taken offline...


So according to the Open Port Check tool Port 32400 is open and not being blocked by my ISP. Nor is my internal Firewall from what I can tell.


Hold the phone, it just started working, i'll keep my fingers crossed. I mapped up a custom domain(don't think it's related) but after that it's all working....