Unable to connect when trying to play iptv channels or movies



I'm having a problem with plex on my samsung smart tv, whenever I try to go into a iptv channel or play a movie from my samsung smart tv I get a message unable to connect, with the movies I have on the media server it only does it sometimes It always does it the first time I play the movie but then I hit play again and it will play it, but the iptv channels won't play.
I don't know if it's the server config or the TV.
I can play with no problems at all from a laptop, the tablet and phones we have at home both at home and remotely.
I have the following network config Router Plex server with iptv.bundle installed Smart TV Ps4 Laptop LAN / WiFi (DHCP MAC Reserved) Samsung Tab (DHCP MAC Reserved) Experia Zx (DHCP MAC Reserved) Samsung S6 (DHCP MAC Reserved) Hp MFP nas

As I mentioned above, it's only the smart tv that's having problems.
I would appreciate any help if anyone's come across this problem also.

Thanks in advance.