Unable to correctly encode subtitles in other than English!



Hi all

After hours of frustration, I think I am ready to give up. My whole movie library contains films in English language, but with subtitles in a Central European language. Yet, Plex can only correctly display subtitles in English (or languages using English signs only). I have noticed that this issue has been popping up since 2013 quite regularly, yet the developers have been unable to address this (or they simply don't care).

I just cannot understand this! Surprise, surprise, there are more people in the world who do not speak English or do not have English as their first language, than those who do. Not only the ignorant Plex developers are creating endless frustration with, I dare to say, thousands of users, but they are losing money too (there is no way I would subscribe to Plex Pass, in fact, there is no way I would continue using Plex at all until this is resolved).

And yes, I have tried the SRT2UTF-8 plugin, I have also tried to convert SRT subtitles to UTF-8 on my laptop before loading them back to my Nvidia Shield, but with zero success. Is this a joke on all us, non-native speakers?