Unable to make remote access working




I have to bother you guys once more. I am not able to make the remote access working in Plex Media Server. It goes green and then turns red.

My iptables output is attached (please don't use to get me :-) )

Also my ufw rules are in the attached document.

The error screenshot is also attached.

Any help is appreciated.



still same issue, any help is appreciated.


hello, updated to the latest plex server, it can remote for a while and then went off... It's weird. Leads me to believe that the issue is not with my setup.


Can you go to http://canyouseeme.org/ and verify that port 32400 is open?


ugh! it says connection time out... I guess it's not open? But when I stop the firewall it shows the same status


seem to be working since my reinstallation. fingers crossed.