Unable to play queue items



I am unable to play some videos in my queue that were available last week. They are still up on YouTube, so, I know that is not the problem. Other videos from the same YouTube channel play, so, that is not the problem. Has anyone else experienced this.


Plex won’t let me delete this post mistake, sorry.


Sometimes they go missing.
Sometimes they’re Geo-Restricted.
Sometimes **** happens.

If they work in a YT app - watch them on it.


Can you play these Watch Later videos on other Plex player apps? (Ex. Plex Web from a browser is an option if you do not have another type of player/device)

Also, make sure you have a local Plex Media Server that is able to transcode. Though you do not have to have a local Plex Media server to access your Watch Later media, if the media you want to play from Watch Later is in a format/codec that is not compatible with the player/device you are using, then you must have a local Plex Media Server to transcode that media.

Some newer YouTube videos will no longer direct play on the Roku. This is a known issue that has been reported to Roku, but they have yet to update their firmware to address this issue.