Unable to play 'the song' - the connection to Plex was lost



Hello i have just set up Sonos and Plex Media Server with Remote Access working ok (green check). I can see in Sonos my list of Plex songs they nothing will play. For 8 seconds it appears like a song is playing, although i hear nothing and then i get the error message. I have manual port forwarded for Plex which appears to be successful. Somebody help please!


i have the same problem =(


It’s not your problem it’s Plex not finishing their Sonos labs beta.

It’s utterly worthless at the moment since, for me, it rarely establishes the connection to begin with and just fails. And the random times it does play a song, it usually only lasts for a few tracks before disconnecting again.

In addition to the blatant errors of this beta, the actual search/filter/sort features are pretty shabby as well - leaving you unable to articulate what you actually want to play with any accuracy or ease. Unless you’re fine with just “shuffle all music” as the only readily available play option…


I’d really like to be able to use Plex through Sonos as well. I get the same results.


Same issues here. Thoroughly disappointed with this. Plex… please fix the problems.


Come on Plex. I’ve had this issue for months. Please fix. I’ve been trouble shooting the F out of this. Not that I use DLNA but that is also affected some what. Contact me if required.
I have lots of info to offer.
This has affected only certain items from about 2 months ago.
( what has changed?)
I have completely isolated Sonos system, including a factory reset, Which was very frustrating.
All items that fail to play on Sonos will play on Plex app
It affects many file types including FLAC and MP3.


Ok. I think It’s the queue.
Clear your queue. Replace the queue with a song. Some things will play. Some items appear to break the queue (flac) and it will need to be reset again. Come on Plex. You do the rest.


Just been experimenting with Plex and Sonos and have been disappointed to see it drop-out randomly especially with FLAC files.