Unable to remote access to work on new router



So I use to live in Kansas City, moved to Oregon now. I had Google Fiber and had 0 problems with the remote access. I didn't have to forward a port or anything.
Now that I have moved, I got Xfinity and my remote access is 'blocked'
I'm not sure about how to go about setting the port to be forwarded?
My Desktop acts like my Plex Server. I also have 2 xboxes on my network and my tv.
Any help would be grateful!


You should buy a managed Router so that you can do the port forwarding by yourself. In my case I have a Router from my ISP that I can convert into Switch or Router mode. Now in Switch mode, everything is open and you should not have any problems but if you are in Router mode, you should probably have a webinterface on your ISP device to be able to set the port-forwarding to your Plex machine.


I do have the web interface for my modem/router, but not sure on how to port-forward.

Any helpful guides?


I have also figured out that if I disable Bridge Mode from the modem/router then Remote Access for plex will work, but I will have no wireless.


Still an issue.
This is what I'm seeing with my remote access > https://www.screencast.com/t/SsTfjlXbVX

I am just at a loss. I know its something with my remote access and my router. I have done the port forward and it does not work. I have done a 'dmz' zone with my router but that doesn't help either.

I need my plex!