Unable to use Plex after system restore.



Quick story. I have been using Plex regularly for a year or 2 with the server set up on my iMac and having 0 issues. My hard drive crashed, apple installed a replacement, and I restored from my Time Machine backup. I went to open PMS and it won't open. The > doesn't come up on the top bar or anything. I reinstalled PMS and still nothing. There isn't even a Plex folder under Application Support or logs. I tried to follow instructions on why Plex won't start but the folders aren't even there. Its like its not installing correctly. I'm sorry I don't have tons of knowledge in this so hopefully its something simple i'm doing wrong. Any help would be appreciated.


UPDATE: I found Plex will Launch under my Guest account. I really don't need a guest account (was just set up for find my mac) so I deleted PMS again, disabled my guest account, re installed PMS on my admin user account and still NOTHING! I can enable the guest account, open it up and PMS will work under that account every time. How to I get it properly installed on the Admin account?

Hope someone can help, this is driving me crazy!


When you start the Plex server, you should be able to see it in the Activity monitor as Plex Media Server. Is it running?