Under Update Channel, there is not option for Plex Pass.



Morning. I have noticed recently that the only options I have under settings, general, "Update Channel" is Public and Beta. I didn't pay much attention until I also noticed I have no option on my iOS app for live TV.

I am a plex pass user... How do I get the option back?

Is that why I don't have the live tv option on my iOS app (iPhone 6S on the latest OS).

Thank you.


I seem to recall that the term Beta replaced PlexPass.


ok... so that doesn't explain why I can't see the program guide option on my iPhone app anymore...

Any ideas?


If that iPhone feature requires a PlexPass I don't have access to it so I can't comment.


I have a plex pass... I checked and it is up to date...


"PlexPass" update channel has been renamed to "Beta". There is no change other than the name


Ok great... ty.

Anyone know how to get the program guide/live tv option back on my iOS app?


Is your app signed into your Plex account? DVR & Live TV require an active Plex Pass subscription.


... ok... I figured it out.

I removed my DVR from Plex to move it to cable. Since there was no DVR... no option on my iOS device.

Sorry. Thank you for your help. Have a great New Years...


I am having a problem with PMP not grabbing the latest 2.4 Beta. Is there another option I should be using other than just Beta channel and auto updates? It will only go up to 2.12.